COvid 19 - new normal for makeup artist

I understand your concerns, the safety of my clients is essential to me. When you hire me you can rest assured that my team and I have completed extensive training for COVID-19 standards and we will be taking additional precautions during this time. 

Plan of action following Covid-19 Pandemic

  • EPA registered disinfectants.
  • we will be using PPE (personal protective equipment) face masks with protective eyewear or face shields with face mask and our hair back.
  • Infection control best practices for reducing risk and operate safely.
  • Disinfectant must be made fresh prior to any services.

Prior and during your appointment

  • No hand shaking.
  • Hand hygiene to reduce the spread of viral illness.

Makeup and/or Hair Station

  • Disinfection follow by sanitation, before, during and after each client.
  • Clean and disinfect equipment before set up and in between clients.
  • All single use items are new.
  • Always use disposable sponges and mascara wands.
  • Sanitize everything with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • Clean and disinfected brushes with each client. 
  • Our palettes will be disinfected between clients with alcohol.
  • We always scrape the product with a spatula onto a palette and use it with brush or disposable.

I understand that the quality of our work not only depends on doing stunning makeup and hair, it also depends on our high standards for cleanliness & sanitation.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.